Phatror Neoon

Kenku Cleric of Trickery


Diary entry, numero uno:

So…. Im am sitting on a golden throne in the Chaos plane right now.. Sort of the last thing i was expecting out of this day.
Let me tell you, dear diary, why i am the greatest Kenku of all.

It all started with this one assignment from my contractor, this time, i would get to do some real infiltration!

But as a distressing concern, my sister told me she sufferend from the Eldrich burn. Which does not only slow me down, buuut,
makes my family pride kick inn. Because i havn’t really felt anything but anguish for her in the last years.
But she told me of great wealth inside the mayors house, something i am in dier need of if we are to get her help in any form.
She mentioned maybe Wissum Thaules might be able to help, and that i should contact Mordekai’s mother back in the Beastlands.

As i now had to come up with a plan quickly as time is of the essence. i used a demoted guard to get the information i needed,
aaand even fooled the dumb sod to give me back more money then i gave him for it!!! haha. sucker!

So nooooooooow, i only had to get inn! wich in itself is no problem for a bird like MYself.
Forge a note from a captain, desguise myself as a guard, run inn during the changing of the guards.
Set fire to their most venerable room and run up. Buuuuuuuuuuut, i was teleported to the other side of the mansion.
Luckely for me, one of he’s sons were writing a note for he’s daddy(i read the note, hehe).
And heeee juuuuuuuust happend to have a symbol on a pouch, on he’s belt, which i got, because i’m awsome like that.
This actualy let me get into the top floor.. which WAS THE FUCKING CHAOS PLANE, i know right??? holy shit.
So i looted the shit outa this place… And then, i, saw it. The throne of all thrones. Golden, beutifull, godlike beyond belief.
Guess where im writing this from? damn right, im am soooo coming back for this later!!

Phatror Neoon

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