Welcome to Faerûn, a sub-continent of the planet Abeir-Toril. A place of magic and mystery, where heroes are born and villains made. The land is remarkably tranquil after several years of chaos and turmoil. Some cities fight to regain their once prominent power and prosperity, leading to the rise of a competitive mercenary market, where everyone whom can pay the coin has a private army to their name. A new era where cities contract private citizens for security, mercenaries to support their demand establish entire villages and bounty hunting has become commonplace.

Adventurers and soldiers scramble to find a way to fit into this new climate change, where coin and influence rules with paranoia and skepticism. In this new world filled with itchy trigger fingers, everyone is waiting for the inevitable storm.

The concept:

Westerdale elite is a version of D&D Next that focuses on world building and giving new players a casual and fun introduction to the world of Dungeons & Dragons. The game centers on a group of commanders originating from the same band of adventurers and mercenaries, these commanders have the funding and experience to start their own enterprise, what they do is up to the players. Each commander has a different end-game goal and some even have contradicting ambitions that will lead to tension and the need for political maneuvering.

The game is structured to allow for dynamic and rapid sessions that stay interconnected and persistent; this hopefully means that what group 1 does on Monday has an effect on group 2 playing on Friday. (Example; Group A assassinates a governor while he is on a diplomatic envoy, Group B is then hired to quell a lynch mob wanting vengeance for the death of the governor)

Sandbox: Westerdale Elite aims to provide an unmatched sandbox within the D&D universe, where anything is possible, and everything has a consequence. Though the goal is ambitious, it is quite simple due to the nature of D&D, where everything is based on the imagination of the players and the dungeon master, the ultimate sandbox.

Simulation: Through the dedication and hard work of the Game Masters, Westerdale Elite can provide a unique simulation where everything is calculated and thought out, combined with an imaginative and structured Dungeon Master that works as the player’s interface to the world. In the core of this game lays a foundation full of algorithms and event equations that remembers and calculates all the big factors of the world, this will allow you to feel the consequence of actions in a believable and reliable fashion.

Ease of play: The games scope and depth is only par the course, the first priority is to provide ease of play for every session and make it simple for players to jump in and play even though they have no previous D&D experience.

Persistence: Each player, permanent or otherwise, has a universal inventory where they can store special items like swords or armor rewarded either in the game, or through events. Players can also earn Perks that increase their stats (Example: experienced Leader; +5 % loyalty). These rewards can be earned out of game in competitions or events, the items/perks comes as a physical “Diploma” that the player must bring with them to the session and can then attach to the character they are currently playing.

Season: The game plays out in different seasons, where each season is set to tell the tale of several years of development between the world and the players. At the end of a Season we aim to have the conflicts culminate into an epic finale that will forever shape the history of the land. After a season there is a brief respite that allows the GM’s to catch up and prepare the epic saga that will be presented next season, taking all the material and lore that has been created through the first season and make it into in-game books and knowledge that players can encounter in the next season. Seasons allow new players to come in and not become over shadowed completely by veteran players in way of coin and influence, yet it retains all the epic stories from past events, allowing certain tales and heroes to become legends.

Team effort: Westerdale Elite is a large undertaking and requires a lot of work from the Game Master and Dungeons Masters to run, but that doesn’t need to be the case, with the assistance of the players themselves, the game can be incredibly self-sufficient. We reward players for creating content like Art, Written lore, adventure ideas, maps and languages. If you are incredibly skilled at writing exiting stories, we can work together to transform boring session logs into epic tales of heroism. If you are a Game-programmer, you can help us balance the back-end system we use for event calculation. If you do 3D, you can help create lifelike models of the important game-world characters or locations. It is all in the hands of the players.

Branch off: If you enjoy your time with particular people, you may take your characters / commanders to another campaign and play your own independent campaign that can be merged later (Pending the GM’s judgment). Use this game to set yourself up for a classic D&D campaign with new friends!

Future proof: Due to the nature of the game, it is simple for Old Game-Masters and DMs to give way to new generations as they come, with a robust framework and comprehensive back-end. Should any GM or DM leave, another one can take his/her place with ease, thus allowing the Westerdale legacy to live on!