In Westerdale Elite several cataclysmic events separate the Original 5th edition world with the new world, the Rise and Fall of Agon Mhyir and the devastation that the Underdark uprising brought has caused a climate change not only geographically but in the divine as well.

Everbloom Gods

Due to the devastation caused by humanoids, the gods of nature have decided to engulf the world in natures embrace wiping out the vermin that destroyed it. Only those who follow the strict rules of nature are allowed to live in peace with the gods, the rest will feel the wrath of the Everbloom.


The Dryad Dance; An expressive dance where 4 or more Silvanus Worshipers move in unison around a ritual table containing an Animal sacrifice, the ritual is meant to appease the gods and grant the Worshipers safe passage from animals and beasts from the Everbloom.
Requires: Animal Sacrifice, stone slab, ceremonial knife.

Moonlight awakening, A forest master can spend the night to appease the surrounding nature, making nature itself work for the master. Vines and bushes move and extend to aid the Master whenever he is near, the brushes split and the vines will carry him and attack his enemies. The moonlight awakening is normally used to fertilize the surrounding land and aid the collectors to extract food like berries and fruits, the ritual lasts for the following day.
Requires: A Forest Master, nearby Everbloom land, 400 gp worth of misc materials.

Moonlight sacrifice, Any druid from the Everbloom faction may sacrifice a humanoid or an enemy of the Everbloom to gain favor with Chauntea, when the sacrificed creature has become one with the ground, the surrounding area will blossom and become fertile (No matter the previous state)
Requires: Alive Everbloom enemy, Ceremonial dagger

Major Deities:

Silvanus , God of Wild Nature

Portrayed as the Oak-Father, Silvanus is atop the Hirarcy of Everbloom gods and is often described as Everbloom’s leading Deity, after the cataclysm Silvanus took upon himself the task of cleansing the earth and start anew.

Favored class: Barbarians and Druids.
Ideal: Nature’s wrath will consume all, only the pure will remain.

Mielikki , Goddess of forests

The forest queen and daughter of Silvanus, she is the deity most known for her daring offences into enemy territory, often giving Everbloom control of forests in the middle of enemy territory, making it impossible for enemies of Everbloom to ever wrest control back or venture anywhere near these protected forests.

Favored class: Rangers, Druids and Clerics.
Ideal: Nature is free, and freedom comes to those bold enough to earn it.

Eldath , Goddess of peace

The Goddess of peace and daughter of Silvanus, she is the sole reason the avenging fires of Silvanus does not torch Faerun in the name of purification, she is the voice of reason and kindness within the Everbloom deities.

Favored class: Clerics, Paladins and Druids.
Ideal: Nature is kind, without peace there can be no cleansing.

Lathander , God of birth and renewal

When the cataclysm struck Lathander was outraged by the eclipse and promised to hunt down whomever caused it. Silvanus struck a deal with Lathander where he would pave the way for the purification and rebirth of Faerune.

Favored class: Clerics, Paladins and Fighters.
Ideal: The circle of life, Nature’s grace lies in rebirth.

Minor Deities:

Auril, Goddess of winter.

Chauntea, Goddess of agriculture.

Malar,God of the hunt.

Talos, God of storms.

Umberlee, Godess of the sea.


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