Thor Oar

Dwarf Bard, leader of the Bhalle's Deep Thieves guild


Bulky and attractive, Thor isn’t your avarage cave dwelling Dwarf, his lack of beard and sober attitude doesn’t lend itself well to his race.


Born and Raised in Mirabar as a miner, but cast aside and banished for being a thief and missfitt, he was mocked and bullied for his lack of facial hair and wierd physique.

He left Mirabar and settled down in Waterdeep and became a proficient and notorious thief.
He was cought during a high stakes mission and put in prison, but it didn’t take long before a Aquisitions Inc. Emissary recruited him into the fold as an advisior to their new startup adventuring division. During his time with AQ inc. he startet do take a particular interest in the rings that the group used to communicate, he had heard that such technology was worth a fortune in the right hands. He managed to get his hands on one of the rings, and before he ran he stole a fair share of valuable equipment from the AQ inc. HQ.

He escaped AQ inc. HQ at That-Place-We-Liked and left for Waterdeep, but soon realised that he would never be safe there, so he decided to settle down in Bhalle’s Deep, and after selling the Ring and the other loot he had enough cash to start his own Thieves guild in the small town.

Thor Oar

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