Kipp Dicksonfire

Kender druid origins, though is more happy with bar brawls and street fighting. This "monk" has an incredably free spirit, and always looks on the bright side.



Short and reasonably thin, Kipp looks more like an elf child than anything else. He has large orange eyes, pointed ears and spiked ginger hair with a small topknot. He has many scars and tattoos covering his body and face, so he has clearly been in more than a few fights. He has recently started to grow a small two pronged beard.

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Kender’s are natural cleptomaniacs, their community is an open and free spirited one where everything is shared.
Father is Gido Weedfoot, mother is Rita Flowerheart.

I come from a Kender druidic family following the Circle of the Land, but never took to the family trade. I found more joy in our sosieties secret little fight club, and quickly became an accepted and decent fighter. My mentor in the club tought me how to channel my Ki and Rage into Fire! How awesome is that?!

When my mother and father found out about my night time activities though… I was soon bannished, a shame I was so close to being initiated, probably would have failed though.
As i was bannished my father didnt let me use the Weedfoot name anymore, that was fine by me, it was a stupid name. I took my fight club nickname, Dicksonfire… hehe
I earned that when a half-orc was in town and wanted a go in the arena, I ignited my fists with Ki Fire and went at him… I could only reach up to his groin.

Anyway, here I am, wondering the world looking for a fight!

Kender Fight Club:
Trait: Thieves’ Cant (thief secret language)
Skills: Sleight of Hand, Intimidation, Survival (Acrobatics from Monk)
Tools: Thieves’ tools, Gaming set, Musical Instrument
Equipment: common clothes, scars, tattoos, 40gp


Burning rage: When fighting an advesary that has hurt or killed a freind or family member, Kipp can expand one Inspiration to gain Advantage and Expertise on his Spell attack roll with any fire related offencive spell.

Kipp Dicksonfire

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