Quinn White

Human Fighter (The Tactician)


Class: Fighter

Speciality: Soldier

Personality trait: I can stare down a hell hound without flinching.
I’m confident in my own abilities and do what I can to instill confidence in others.

Ideal: Independence. When people follow orders blindly, they
embrace a kind of tyranny. (Chaotic)

Bond: My only loyalty lies with my sister, she is the only person i would gladly lay down my life for.

Flaw: I have little respect for anyone who is not a
proven warrior.


Quinn White lived in Nathlek City with his Sister, they were orphaned at a young age after their parents were killed by a Drow war party. During their upbringing they had to fend for themselves in an harsh and unforgiving environment, Both Quinn and his sister Leona had to take various odd jobs at an early age to stay afloat. Leona pledged her service to the local church of Tymora, hoping they would take her and her brother in for shelter, meanwhile she received training as a cleric of Tymora.

Quinn enlisted in the city guard when he turned 16 and was quickly recruited into the Old Faerun Rebels, he received only marginal training before being sent into the fray of the frontlines. At his own behest he was sent further and further into Drow land, seeking vengeance on those who murdered his parents. Blinded by vengeance and anger Quinn was mortally wounded during a Drow counterattack, he was then brought back to his home in Nathlek city where Leona was left to care for her dying brother.

Unwilling to let Quinn die, Leona miraculously managed to use newfound divine powers to resurrect Quinn and heal him of all his wounds. Realising her potential, Leona quickly rose in the churches ranks, some believed her to be the new Fatemaker of Tymora and many treated her as such. Quinn, eager to get back into the fray and finish the fight, used some of their new wealth to hire a merc group to help him find and kill the drow war party that had once killed his parents, Leona had by then completed her clerical training and convinced her brother to let her come with him. The party spent some time behind enemy lines investigating and tracking before they finally found the town that the war party had settled in, when Quinn found out that the war party was awarded ownership of the town Xorhun after their successful assault of Nathlekh city he decided that they would take the town back while killing every single Drow living there.

No-one really knows how, but the party managed to re-take Xorhun for the Old Faerun Rebels and eradicate every single Drow in the Xorhun. A party of eight left Nathlekh, but only the White siblings and one other merc came back, the last survivor was the merc leader Maximilien Vallentine. After their triumphant return many rumors and stories circulated about what had happened, Quinn and Leona become known as the White Twins and several Bards believed that they were related to the legendary White Raven. Uncomfortable with their new fame and the constant scrutiny that they were exposed to they decided to go into hiding until the interest had calmed down. Unable to stay at one place for a long period of time doing nothing, Quinn managed to convince his new best friend Maximilian to move his mercenary outfit to That-place-we-liked, a city known for it’s discrecion and market for mercenary contracts.

Quinn and Leona moved to That-place-we-liked and started working as mercenaries for hire in Maximilian’s merc outfit.

As time passed the money and fame dwindled and the White siblings were once again in familiar territory, they were now low on money and desperate for a break. With the help of a crazy wizard and a crafty and down-on-his luck dwarf, Maximilian, Quinn and Leona funded Acquisitions Inc. Finding and taking advantage of a hole in the oversaturated Merc marked, AQ inc. started to accept fetch quests and the tasks deemed too boring and useless by most guilds in the city. Seeing a massive increase in profits and more demand than ever Aquisitions inc. started taking highly profiled contracts and adventuring quests.

Quinn White

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