Westerdale Elite

From Vampire Stew to Kraken Soup!

In a realy condensed version

Player Characters involved:Aaren Revind, Mordecai Bloodmist, Phatror Neoon, Roland Fellwood, Virkul Aeril and Makaria Kningtar.

The party (minus Roland) is standing puzzled in the main hall of the Riatvin Guild hall, the party gets bombed by the daughters of Umberlee – people died and it was really intense!

Fighting them back, the party find they can count themselves lucky for having survived the attack of one of the Sisters of Pain, namely Evelyn Pain.

Their leads directs them to travel to Saradush, but only after Makaria manages to calm down a rioting mob that was about to tear the city apart.

Well on their way the see signs of battle in an abandoned half-ogre village.

Late on their second day of travel they arrive in Saradush. Makaria makes contact with the White Twins and learns from Lisa Fellwood that her brother Roland Fellwood is a prisoner in the house of Cicero Gwerm, the major of Saradush. Lisa also confess to being part of the Daughters of Umberlee, and tells that Cicero Gwerm is working closely with them and the Sisters of Pain.

Early the next day the party prepares to infiltrate the Gwerm mansion, rescue their colleague, recover any intelligence on the designs of Umberlee and ,if possible, disrupt their operation.

The plan was a grand success!
Roland was rescued, Cicero was killed, and the party met Phatror in Cicero’—s study.
Business however quickly soured as Cicero’s second son Vieri Gwerm (AKA Vieri Valtiere) showed up with half of the NFO soldiers in Saradush.
The party only barely escaped due to the benevolence of a newly freed Valara Pain.(Courtesy of Phatror) Makaria losing one of the priceless knife-artifacts in the process. The last the party saw before being dumped magically in their inn was Viari Gwerm lying on the floor suffering from increasingly common affliction known as crosbowbolt in the eye, and Valara Pain waving her hands around being magical.

Back in their inn, the party notices several wanted posters with their description, only Roland is singled out by name. They ready their carriage and prepare to make a hasty exit. Right before they crack the whip however, Phatror, Tali and Jarvan III, beg lift. Tali currently recovering from Eldritch Burn. They manage to leave the city without further incidents, even passing a patrol outside the city.

They make their way towards Mintar, and in the long run, The Beastlands.
On their way there they meet Lisa Fellwood, who is not going to tag along.
They secure passage on one of the famous Zeppelins of the Neo Faerunian Order, a dawnboat.

On this Zeppelin, also known as Boat 68, the party gets tricked into giving up the remaining knife-artifact, Aaren being no match for the charms of Valara Pain.
Hardened by their setback, the party’s resolve hardens further.
The encounter left Phatror with the Eldritch Burn. Choosing the high risk, high reward path. He refuses to be cured. Chaining himself, his sister and her new boyfriend Mordecai to his sickbed. Meaning they all get to know each other quite well.

Next stop: Thindar on the Isle of Samarach!


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