Westerdale Elite

Don't rat me out!

The party convenes

Aaren Revind, Vitari Eurid, Roland Fellwood and Mordecai Bloodmist

The party is approached while sitting in the mess hall by what appears to be an older version of the local chapter master Twitch.
The young Twitch, successfully hides from the rat crazy older rat by persuading the party to follow the old rat, who happens to have a small problem.

The problem the old rat is having is a cellar full of loose rats, some larger than others, other even larger than the some and the others combined. The rats, however large, proves to be no match for a frustrated aasimar paladin’s Thunderclap. Unfortunately, the old rat was devastated to learn that all the rats had been more or less been killed as he was in the middle of cloning himself. Presumably, all the pre-death rats was his offsprings in that regard.

The next day
The party, except for the dodgy human, has to attend a Public Relations 101 course before they can undertake the journey to retrieve the “cheese”. What the “cheese” is is not divulged, but most agree that not everything is smelling just right.

Just in time to get their Acquisitions inc. stickers and sashes they receive word that Aaren is involved into some business that is quickly turning a bad way. Rushing to the scene, the house of an elf artisan, they spot a dhampir from the Shadow Edge organisation enter the house.

Vintari having been a part of that gang, but left them due to moral conflicts, rushes in to take the side of whomever is against them.
The encounter ends with a pile of ash that used to be able to talk and suck blood, two thugs, a semi-conscious elf woman and a party that ponders the consequences of killing Lord Gwerm the Vampire Lords relative…



Slow clap a new contender has entered the ring!

Sinsykt bra skrevet :P
Fortsett slik!

Don't rat me out!

Haha, fint oppsummert.

Don't rat me out!
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